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Kathryn Lang, former editor of Southern Methodist University Press:


"Elizabeth's Field captures the realities of pre-Civil War life on Maryland's Eastern Shore and creates characters that struggle in extraordinary adversity and ponder unanswerable questions about God, justice, and the place of human beings in nature. Lockhart traces the branches and offshoots of several generations of black families, their histories merging, the memories of their grandparents' miseries fading, yet not forgotten. Her carefully limned descriptions of the land-the profusion of its flora and the turning of the seasons-are masterful. Through fully rounded characters and lyrical prose, Lockhart's novel teaches some hard lessons about man's inhumanity to man."


G. Ray Thompson, PhD, The Nabb Center, Salisbury University


"Elizabeth's Field is no ordinary novel. The characters are so clearly defined and the environment so carefully re-created that we feel we are indeed stepping back into the past, actually viewing people as they move about behind the gauze curtains of long ago. The story is told in layers, weaving the present with the past, the 20th century and the 19th. Yet it is woven in a very natural way. A thoroughly readable work, thought provoking, and well-written. Elizabeth's Field brings us face-to-face with how slavery has continued to impact people on the Shore."

Chris Noel, author and faculty member, Vermont College:


"Barbara Lockhart's novel strikingly captures the dual qualities of togetherness and distance, granting its entry into the minds of the members of this family with a lyricism of inwardness and approach reminiscent of To the Lighthouse. Adding gravity and luster to this saga is the scourge of manic-depression afflicting the father, lurking within his children like fever. A magnificent work of fiction, its humanity as penetrating as its language."


W.D. Wetherell, author, recipient of National Endowment for the Arts Awards, MacArthur Genius Award


"A wonderfully evocative and poignant debut novel. Lockhart has taken the lyric mood of a seaside summer, the fleeting beauty, the familiar routines, and enlisted it to tell the story of a family's love and their fight to make it last."


Sydney Blair, author


"We are transported to the world of the eastern Shore with its boats and rivers and fields with the same deftness and passion as we are into the heads and hearts of the characters. The Eastern Shore in all its particular stark beauty takes on the flesh and blood of an actual character, and has a vibrant life of its own."


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